No - There are no solids flowing through the drainage aggregate. Additionally, the drain cover should not be used to conceal roof drains, as leaves and debris can cause clogging.
Yes- The built-in offset will fit a batter up to 1.25 inches.
Always refer to the wall manufacturer's installation instructions. However, on small walls, the drainage aggregate alone can be used.
There are bendable tabs on the side flanges that will lock onto neighboring blocks. Adhesive may also be used on the top and bottom flanges.
No - The drain cover is made from 304 stainless steel and powder coated with a UV stabilized faux finish.
No cutting is required on a random size wall. Simply fit the drain into wall geometry. For Ashlar style walls, some cuts may be required to correct bond lines.
We recommend the 5" as only the corner of the block will need to be saw cut away.
4" NDS or ADS pipe fits perfectly inside the 5" cover. If using the 6" cover, the pipe will be placed at the bottom, allowing 2" of aggregate to fill the remaining space.